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I would also suggest you use a ferrule cleaner every single time you touch
an end

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On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 02:23:37AM +0000, Blake Pfankuch - Mailing List
> I am in the market for a simple fiber tester.  I have about 80 pairs
>running through my complex and we are running into some possible issues
>with some of the really old ones.  The pen light to confirm that it's the
>right strand is going to require a little bit more insight to determine
>if there is an issue with fiber in conduit or patch.
> I don't need something super fancy, just need something that gives a
>good, bad or "holy crap is that concrete you are testing on" for
>starters.  I am also shooting for about $150-250 tops.
> Any suggestions?

How about using the built-in Digital Optcis Monitoring (DOM/DDM) in
modern SFPs?  Assuming your switches/routers and SFPs support it, you
can read the received power level right from your switches/routers.
The cost might be zero if you already have capabile equipment...

Combine that with a flashlight for identifying strands, and it might
be all you need...

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