iOS 7 update traffic

Neil Harris neil at
Mon Sep 23 10:59:59 UTC 2013

On 23/09/13 10:32, John Smith wrote:
> Picked this off (network and Cisco blog aggregator):
> The consensus seems to be for providers to install CDN servers, if they arent able to cope up with an occasional OS update traffic.
> John

Perhaps Apple, Microsoft etc. should consider using Bittorrent as a way 
of distributing their updates? If ISPs were to run their own Bittorrent 
servers (with appropriate restrictions, see below), this would then 
create an instant CDN, with no need to define any other protocols or pay 
any third parties.

The hard bit would be to create a way for Apple etc. to be able to 
authoritatively say "we are the content owners, and are happy for you to 
replicate this locally": but perhaps this could be as simple serving the 
initial seed from an HTTPS server with a valid certificate? It would 
then be trivial to create a whitelist of the domains of the top 10 or so 
distributors of patches, and then everything would work automatically 
from then on.

-- N.

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