Internet Surveillance and Boomerang Routing: A Call for Canadian Network Sovereignty

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Sat Sep 7 21:19:34 UTC 2013


  I agree this is a problem, but its been a problem since at least 1994 (
my first  exposure ) and I suspect longer, the issue is east we capacity in
Canada is very $$, pushing traffic from Toronto east to points south to get
it to Vancouver is much more cost effective.


On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 6:08 PM, Paul Ferguson <fergdawgster at>wrote:

> A Canadian ISP colleague of mine suggested that the NANOG constituency
> might be interested in this, given some recent 'revelations', so I forward
> it here for you perusal.
> "Preliminary analysis of more than 25,000 traceroutes reveals a
> phenomenon we call ‘boomerang routing’ whereby Canadian-to-Canadian
> internet transmissions are routinely routed through the United States.
> Canadian originated transmissions that travel to a Canadian destination
> via a U.S. switching centre or carrier are subject to U.S. law -
> including the USA Patriot Act and FISAA. As a result, these
> transmissions expose Canadians to potential U.S. surveillance activities
> – a violation of Canadian network sovereignty."
> http://lawprofessors.typepad.**com/media_law_prof_blog/2013/**
> 09/routing-internet-**transmission-across-the-**canada-us-border-and-us-**
> surveillance-activities.html<>
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