CenturyLink IP NOC Contact for BGP Changes

Jawaid Desktop jb at forethought.net
Tue Nov 26 04:26:43 UTC 2013

Hello NANOGers,

We're a regional CLEC and I've had a BGP filter change request in to 
CenturyLink for 3 days. I've had no luck trying to get this processed.

I tried calling in tonight because, you know, my expectation these days 
is that every serious internet backbone company staffs a 24/7/365 NOC 
capable of dealing with IP and BGP routing issues / changes. I managed 
to escalate to a "TAC supervisor" who assures me that they in fact have 
nobody staffed after-hours who can do this kind of work. *boggles*

I had no trouble getting the exact same request processed by XO, Cogent, 
Level3, Comcast, Cogent, and TWTelecom in anywhere from minutes to a few 
hours, many of them at night (you know, when it's kind of like better to 
do such changes anyway).

So does anyone have the contact for a real, honest-to-god IP NOC 
engineer at CenturyLink?

Or did I make a mistake assuming CenturyLink is a serious, carrier-class 

Thanks for any help.


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