List of CDNs?

Andrew Fried andrew.fried at
Thu Nov 14 22:19:48 UTC 2013

Actually, a list of CDNs would be very handy.  I harvest botnets and
fast flux hosts out of passive dns, and some of the heuristics used to
identify them are similar to what CDNs look like.

Having a decent list of CDN effective top level domains alone would be
useful for redacting those hosts.


Andrew Fried
andrew.fried at

On 11/14/13, 5:11 PM, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
> List of CDNs would be difficult, but not impossible. Although they do different things, so a simple list is unlikely to be as useful as it looks. 
> A lost of CDN "DC nodes" is not possible. Why do you care about such a thing anyway?

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