ARIN WHOIS for leads

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> Even the anti-spam army out there seem to ignore 'This is the abuse
contact', and end up spamming all whois org contacts. What's the point
in that?

I agree. Most of them end up blasting all contacts which is completely
stupid!!! That's why you see on the comment sections with many providers
something along the lines of "Please use Abuse Handle or please send
requests for DMCA to this handle"

>Why can't we implement a method where you have to be a registered, and
paying, user/member with an AS number to be able to get IP whois
'contact' info?  Sure list my name and company.  But keep my email and
phone number private.  In fact show me >a web log of all registered
users that looked me up.

This could be doable. But some minor details worked out or requirements.

>I doubt that will ever happen.  

Have a little faith. ;-)  If many providers wanted the feature, I'm sure
ARIN would not have a problem implementing it.


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