"Programmers can't get IPv6 thus that is why they do not have IPv6 in their applications"....

Robert Drake rdrake at direcpath.com
Thu Jan 31 15:05:18 UTC 2013

On 1/30/2013 9:10 PM, David Barak wrote:
>> IPv6 has been launched on all Arris DOCSIS 3.0 C4 CMTSes, covering
>> over 50% our network.
> The update you sent is lovely, except I can tell you that the one (also an Arris, running DOCSIS 3.0) which was installed in late October in my house in Washington simply does not run v6 with the pre-installed load.
In this particular case "C4 CMTSes" is the important bit of that 
update.   The CMTS is what your modem connects to on the other end. You 
might be connected to a different type of CMTS which doesn't support or 
isn't configured for IPv6.  You wouldn't be able to know that without 
contacting someone with a good knowledge of the network at Comcast though.

It could be as you say, that the modem only supports it when wireless is 
disabled and that is the only thing stopping it from working for you.  
If that was the case I would ask for a different modem, or go buy a 
modem that you think will work.

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