Muni fiber: L1 or L2?

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TR-069 (part of which is CWMP) has been around a long long time and
Telcodria is well aware of it.  The real problem is getting it
actually implemented well on CPE gear since the TM Forum didn't even
have a certification process until this year.

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>> I can't vouch for these yet, since I haven't used one so far.
> Yeah; see my other reply a few minutes ago.
>> It looks to be a Broadband Forum spec,
>> I'm not using it yet either, but find it interesting.
> I see that it is, and I'm frankly *amazed* that it's gotten industry
> uptake to the point people will quote it on ticklists.  Probably, everyone
> *else* thinks it's a bellcore standard, like I did.  :-)
> Can't wait for Telcordia to try to sue them over the prefix.
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