Muni network ownership and the Fourth

joel jaeggli joelja at
Wed Jan 30 15:58:22 UTC 2013

On 1/30/13 6:33 AM, Jason Baugher wrote:
> There is much talk of how many fibers can fit in a duct, can be brought
> into a colo space, etc... I haven't seen much mention of how much space the
> termination in the colo would take, such as splice trays, bulkheads, etc...
> Someone earlier mentioned being able to have millions of fibers coming
> through a vault, which is true assuming they are just passing through the
> vault. When you need to break into one of those 864-fiber cables, the room
> for splice cases suddenly becomes a problem.
> The other thing I find interesting about this entire thread is the
> assumption by most that a government entity would do a good job as a
> layer-1 or -2 provider and would be more efficient than a private company.
> Governments, including municipalities, are notorious for corruption, fraud,
> waste - you name it. Even when government bids out projects to the private
> sector these problems are seen.
When a municipality issued a bond, bank of america and morgan stanley 
(and bear stearns) conspired to rig the bidding. Something they paid not 
insignficant fines over, though hardly enough to compensate the tax 
payers or municipalities at that bought them at uncompetitive terms.

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