switch 10G standalone TOR, core to DC

Piotr piotr.1234 at interia.pl
Tue Jan 29 11:27:34 UTC 2013


I looking some 10G switches, it should work as TOR or core in DC. It 
should have more than 40 port 10G in one unit, wirespeed L2 L3, with 
virtual routers and some other ip functions like some BGP, OSPF, policy 
routing, 1-2U, MLAG, g.8032 (ERPS) trill-like ?

Other important features are  big port buffers ( something similar to 
Juniper EX8200 - 512 MB per slot), defined counters accessible via snmp 
(like in junos), L3 statistics  accessible via snmp

Extreme 670 looks good but they have small port buffers. It can be also 
some small chassis with line cards but the cost per 10G ports is too big..

What vendor, model You prefer or suggest as a solution ?

thanks for help

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