switch 10G standalone TOR, core to DC

Nick Hilliard nick at foobar.org
Tue Jan 29 11:58:14 UTC 2013

On 29/01/2013 11:27, Piotr wrote:
> Extreme 670 looks good but they have small port buffers. It can be also
> some small chassis with line cards but the cost per 10G ports is too big..

the extreme x670, juniper ex4550, brocade ICX6550 and arista 7150 will most
of this, and probably many others too.

None of them will do trill.  The Extreme X670 and Juniper EX4550 will both
do VPLS, though.  The X670 won't do BGP.

You won't find a box of this form with large port buffers.  There don't
appear to be any of these boxes on the market at the moment, probably
because none of the switch vendors want to bite the bottom out of their
more lucrative chassis-based switches.  This is a good market opening for a
new vendor - there is no technical reason why this couldn't be done.


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