Looking for success stories in Qwest/Centurylink land

Brent Jones brent at brentrjones.com
Mon Jan 28 18:03:57 UTC 2013

s/CenturyLink/ATT and I've got plenty of good stories for you.
I think the big telcos these days simply don't care, and don't understand.
They hire sales drones from Wal-Mart, and expect them to put in orders
for longhaul circuits, or metro ethernet, and what you get is samples
of perfume or pizza delivery.

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 9:32 AM, Joe Maimon <jmaimon at ttec.com> wrote:
> Anybody have some happy success stories to share about service in Qwest
> service area post Centurylink acquisition?
> Unfortunately the ones I have contain more humor than success.
> Story #1
> Ethernet/Fiber service near Tampa ordered via partner, misordered as MPLS,
> re-ordered as vpls.
> Delivered by June, I have been trying unsuccessfully to get a MAC off the
> NID ever since.
> Similarly, I have been unsuccessful in getting the LEC onsite to
> troubleshoot the NID. My last update was a due date of 2/22, after they
> missed a 1/17 date. Nope, not a typo.
> Story #2
> Ethernet/Fiber service in Phoenix ordered via partner. Apparently, in order
> to save on the expense of the NID/switch combo, the LEC ran the second set
> of fiber strands up to an existing customer in the building, using dedicated
> conduit from the building dmarc (which is accessible by our customer).
> They then instructed us to run copper back from their customer back to our
> customer's space. This recipient of the new fiber refused permission (not to
> mention being unhappy at unwittingly providing shared service).
> LEC claims the order was marked closed and delivered and any changes are new
> orders that will take 45 days. There has not been an update since, although
> presumably, we are on the 45 day clock.
> Due on the 1st, delivered in mid December, this is a month late with no
> timely resolution in sight.
> I have been assured by everyone involved that escalation has been pursued to
> the highest levels, including pleading with the CEO of the unwitting service
> providing customer, to no avail.
> If someone from Centurylink who can make things happen and be privy to the
> real dealings would please reach out directly to me, I have high hopes that
> there can be happy endings for these stories.
> Or if anybody has any useful suggestions, ideas, advice, or even
> commiserations, all are welcome to share.
> Best,
> Joe

Brent Jones
brent at brentrjones.com

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