Slashdot: UK ISP PlusNet Testing Carrier-Grade NAT Instead of IPv6

. oscar.vives at
Thu Jan 17 10:06:54 UTC 2013

i am not network engineer, but I follow this list to be updated about
important news that affect internet stability.

NAT is already a problem for things like videogames.  You want people
to be able to host a multiplayer game, and have his friends to join
the game. A free to play MMO may want to make a ban for a bad person
permanent, and for this banning a IP is useful,  if a whole range of
players use a ip, it will be harder to stop these people from
disrupting other people fun.  Players that can't connect to the other
players whine on the forums, and ask the game devs to fix the problem,
costing these people money. People that can't connect to other
players, for a problem that is not in his side, or under his control,
get frustrated.  This type of problems are hard to debug for users.

The people on this list have a influence in how the Internet run, hope
somebody smart can figure how we can avoid going there, because there
is frustrating and unfun.

ℱin del ℳensaje.

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