De-funding the ITU

Eliot Lear lear at
Mon Jan 14 05:50:34 UTC 2013

Some people have asked about the ITU-D.  The -D stands for
"Development", but it could also stand for "Discuss".  This is the arm
of the ITU that does capacity building and outreach of various sorts. 
There are four programs in D, including one that focuses on operational
aspects and another on training material.  There are also study groups
in D where regulators and the sort show up to discuss societal aspects
of technology.  This is an important dialog.  It provides us all an
opportunity to listen in on where various countries need help, where
they have misunderstandings, and what experiences they are having.  D
does not make standards or regulations.

Of course the -D sector is not without its challenges.  For one, it
tends to take what happens in -T as gospel.  That, I believe, is
correctable in several different ways.  One of those ways would be for
them to collaborate more with organizations like this one.


On 1/13/13 7:01 PM, Dave Crocker wrote:
> On 1/12/2013 9:04 PM, Fred Baker (fred) wrote:
>>  ITU-D and ITU-R do a lot of good work.
> -R is excluded from the petition. (From a number of postings, it
> appears that many folk haven't noticed that.)
> I don't know anything about -D.
> In the interest of adding some core information to the thread, could
> you provide a brief summary of its job and benefits (with any concerns
> that are broadly held)?
> I'm not asking you to defend your views but to provide a most basic
> tutorial on -D.  The more objective the better.
> Thanks.
> d/

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