turning on comcast v6

Josh Hoppes josh.hoppes at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 17:37:02 UTC 2013

> Now, boss man comes in and has a new office opening up.  Go grab the r1 box
> out of the closet, you need to upgrade the code and reconfigure it.  Cable
> it up to your PC with a serial port, open some some sort of terminal program
> so you can catch the boot and password recover it.  Plug it's ethernet into
> your lan, as you're going to need to tftp down new config, and turn it on.

Why are you putting a router that you know needs to be reconfigured
onto a production network? This could backfire regardless of IPv6,
since you could have a similar issue if the router was performing DHCP
from a locally configured pool. If someone did this and complained to
me I would tell them they just learned a lesson and now know better
then to go connecting equipment with an existing configuration to a
production network without doing a full review first.

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