The Making of a Router

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Dec 28 21:14:15 UTC 2013

> Pretty much what everyone else said. I'm a huge linux person, almost
> everything I use is linux, run full Myth set up etc, but I wouldn't
> use it for a high PPS situation like this. It's just asking for
> suffering later, at the worst possible times.

to paraphrase MO from many years ago (as i do not have a direct quote),
do not use home appliances as production routers.

there are niches where routeflow/vandervecken are usable.  there are
niches where quagga/bird/openbgp are useful.

but not core/backbone of any non-trivial network.  they might be usable
for _slightly_ more than trivial if your business model values your time
at zero.


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