The Making of a Router

Olivier Cochard-Labbé olivier at
Fri Dec 27 00:48:16 UTC 2013

Le 26 déc. 2013 22:02, "Nick Cameo" <symack at> a écrit :
> Any benchmarks of freebsd vs openbsd vs present day linux kern?

Here are my own benchs using smallest packet size (sorry no Linux):

My conclusion: building a line-rate gigabit router (or a few rules ipfw
firewall) is possible on commodity server without problem with FreeBSD.
Building a 10gigabit router (this mean routing about 14Mpps) will be more
complex in present day.
Note: The packet generator used was the high-perf netmap pkg-gen, allowing
me to generate about 13Mpps on this same hardware (under FreeBSD), but I'm
not aware of forwarding tools that use netmap: There are only packet
generator and capture tools available.

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