The Making of a Router

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Thu Dec 26 19:28:58 UTC 2013

Ahh.. so you are the one who bought those two from Ebay !
I was watching, but got to them rather late.

If you are the one who got them.. you got a great deal.

These have Mikrotik ROS license with them, you can do BGP/ OSPF etc. with them 
If you want to reload them with other OS, all you got to do is pull out the FlashCard, and install anything else you want.

The Core2 Duo Model with Mikrotik ROS ver 5 will handle about 1G to 1.5G of traffic with much trouble.
With ROS ver 6 .. they will do about 25-30% more.

The i5 & i7 versions will handle 3-5Gig of traffic easily... and these do support 10G SFP+ Intel nic's with ROS 6.x


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> > I am a believer of not having to re-invent the wheel...
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> > Having said that.. have you looked at 'purpose built appliances'  e.g.
> >
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> > If you are looking for a full router....
> > Consider such as these...
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> I bought two Maxxwaves with the Core2 Duo processor and it's an Axiomtek
> NA-822 inside. It's a nifty platform, I'm probably going to put BIRD on
> it and make some BGP RRs one of these fine days. I'm too OCD to suffer a
> "server" in the routing/switching bays as the only thing with ports on
> the back.
> I wouldn't imagine trying to route 10 gig with it though, or sharing any
> functions (like VOIP) on it.
> ~Seth

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