turning on comcast v6

Michael Brown michael at supermathie.net
Mon Dec 9 16:57:20 UTC 2013

On 13-12-09 11:19 AM, Christopher Morrow wrote:
> yea, so my 'saga' started with:
>    1) "dlink 615 doesn't like dhcp-pd ... and is flat broken for v6"
I had very borken things happen at home on my dlink-615 with their 
busted-ass IPv6 code. Specifics are here: 

Although in that case, I wasn't trying to use it to route anywhere. It 
really was written as thought it Would Be the gateway.

The dlink stock firmwares even have support for he.net and other tunnel 
brokers now. But the stack isn't nearly as mature and there's too few users.

pfSense is the way to go here.

I'll try re-deploying the dir-615 it as an IPv6-only gateway device and 
see how it behaves.


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