Europe-to-US congestion and packet loss on network, and their [email protected] won't even respond

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Dec 1 10:49:03 UTC 2013

>> Using a 1/10th of a second interval is rather anti-social.
>> I know we rate-limit ICMP traffic down, and such a
>> short interval would be detected as attack traffic,
>> and treated as such.
> For what it is worth, I used to think the same, until I saw several 
> providers themselves suggest that 1000 packets should be sent, with 
> the 0.1 s interval.  So, this is considered normal and appropriate 
> nowadays.

matthew is correct

go back to your old way of thinking.  while some providers may tolerate
fast pings, few if any grown-ups do.  and even thouse who think they do
have routing engines which consider all pings as low priority rubbish to
be dropped when there is any real work to do.


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