Europe-to-US congestion and packet loss on network, and their [email protected] won't even respond

sthaug at sthaug at
Sun Dec 1 10:37:08 UTC 2013

>> Using a 1/10th of a second interval is rather anti-social.
>> I know we rate-limit ICMP traffic down, and such a
>> short interval would be detected as attack traffic,
>> and treated as such.
> For what it is worth, I used to think the same, until I saw several 
> providers themselves suggest that 1000 packets should be sent, with 
> the 0.1 s interval.  So, this is considered normal and appropriate 
> nowadays.

Disagree. You are of course free to use whatever rate you want between
your own end points. If you want a response from routers on the public
Internet, you should *expect* this to be rate limited. I certainly
don't think that a 0.1s interval is appropriate - and configure control
plane policing on "my" routers accordingly.

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, sthaug at

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