will ISP peer with 2 local WAN routers?

Adam Greene maillist at webjogger.net
Fri Aug 16 20:35:14 UTC 2013

Hi guys,


I have a customer who peers via eBGP with Lightpath aka Cablevision (AS
6128) and Level3 (AS 3356) and wants to do some dual-WAN router redundancy.


I have heard that carriers will sometimes agree to set up a /29 WAN subnet
for a customer and peer with (2) customer routers.


The customer is delaying on providing me with the proper circuit ID &
contact information to be able to call Lightpath and Level3 directly and
find out if they will do this, so I thought of asking this list.


Is anyone aware if Lightpath and Level3 will agree to something like this? 






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