The optimistically named Project Moonshot (was Re: POLL: 802.1x deployment)

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Wed Sep 26 18:26:31 UTC 2012

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> From: "Peter J. Cherny" <peterc at>

> I've (re)sent this to the list as no-one else has noted it <g>
> Possibly a game-changer in the (academic) 802.1x space ...

I did see that come in, and was going to look into it more deeply tonight;
if it is -- as it appears to be -- a framework for globally federated 
identification/authentication, then it will probably hit the same walls
(of theory, not merely implementation) which other earlier attempts
have hit: privacy and non-correlation being prime among them.

It's orthogonal to 802.1x, though, unless anyone's shipping code to hook
a dot1x server to it as you would, say, a Radius server.  :-)

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