IPv6 Address allocation best practises for sites.

John Mitchell mitch at illuminati.org
Mon Sep 24 22:52:48 UTC 2012

Question about what other service/network providers are doing in 
relation to allocation of addresses for websites.

With IPv6 starting to trickle its way in, what is considered the 
industry best practise now for IP(v6) addresses bonded to websites. In 
the past the standard practise was to have a single IPv4 address shared 
between multiple sites using a name based virtual host directive in 
Apache/IIS, unless of course the site was SSL in which case it normally 
needed a IP of its own (unless you had a client who was happy to only 
support SSL on IE7+ browsers with SNI).

Does the best practise switch to now using one IPv6 per site, or still 
the same one IPv6 for multi-sites?

- Mitch

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