Verizon IPv6 LTE

Dan Drown dan-nanog at
Fri Sep 21 17:40:52 UTC 2012

Quoting Randy Carpenter <rcarpen at>:
> Safari is definitely preferring IPv4.
> In a happier note, if you tether a device via hotspot on an IOS6 iPad, the
> clients get native IPv6. Strangely, they get addresses out of the  
> same /64 as the iPad's LTE interface. Anyone know how that is  
> working? I would have thought they would use prefix-delegation, and  
> there would be a separate routed /64.

I assume they're doing the same thing I am.  The cell network  
interface is just a p2p interface, and the whole /64 is routed to the  
phone/tablet.  You can configure the p2p interface address as a /128  
and configure the /64 on the wifi interface.  My understanding of the  
3gpp specs is that the cell provider won't have an address in that  
/64, so you won't conflict with anything upstream of the phone/tablet.

Here's a screenshot of my (wifi-only) tablet getting v6 while tethered  
through my phone:

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