Traffic Burstiness Survey

Monia Ghobadi monia at
Sun Sep 9 00:23:53 UTC 2012

Dear Nanog members,

I am a PhD student at University of Toronto and I am working on traffic
burstiness in data centers. In the following I am asking two questions to
raise motivation for my research. I appreciate if anyone could answer these
questions to their best knowledge. *The questions are:*

1) ‘Bursty’ is a word with no agreed meaning. How do you define a bursty
2) If you are involved with a data center, is your data center traffic
   -- If yes,
         -- Do you think that it will be useful to supress the burstiness
in your traffic? (For example by pacing the traffic into shorter bursts)
    -- If no:
        -- Are you already supressing the burstiness? How?
         -- Would you anticipate the traffic becoming burstier in the


Monia Ghobadi
PhD Student
University of Toronto

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