"Circuit of the americas" aka COTA

Tom Walsh - EWS mailinglists at expresswebsystems.com
Sat Sep 8 23:37:43 UTC 2012

> Since AS6453 is the official connectivity/technology sponsor for FOM, I
> suspect they will be leasing some dark fiber to COTA for the F1 race.
> Some of the F1 teams have their own telecom sponsors (Vodafone McLaren,
> etc) which will be doing the same.  Don't know who would be pulling the
> actual fiber though...

>From what I was told from talking to the on-site IT guy for Caterham, all
teams are provide an MPLS connection back to their respective factory. I
seem to recall was an insanely small connection for what is the "pinnacle of
motorsports"... something like 4mbit or so.

Admittedly this was input from only one team, and a "lower tier" team at
that. This was also last year (2011).

I remember being distinctly surprised at the relatively low amount of
bandwidth they were provided at the track.

Tom Walsh

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