Request to lease IP space, or things that make you want to go hmmmmm..

Ted Cooper ml-nanog090304q at
Thu Mar 8 18:25:09 CST 2012

On 09/03/12 09:40, Matthew Huff wrote:
> Just got an email today to our account associated with our legacy
> ARIN address space. A firm "Precision Management of Texas" is
> interested in subleasing some of our IP space for "on-demand
> solutions for brand marketers and website promotion chiefly through
> email marketing".
> The one thing clear within the large amount of marketing-speach is
> they want "As is the nature of this business PM seeks to obtain as
> much diversity in the allocated IP space as possible, however the
> most important thing is the Subnets need to have no abuse history."
> Anyone else get solicited?
> They seem to be flexible "We can take the IPs via GRE or BGP or other
> such tunneling solution to where you have them announced.
> Alternatively we can advertise them ourselves on our network, saving
> you the back-haul. As a third solution we can take a server on your
> network with the following specs:..."

Translation of their request:

"We'd like to use your IP address reputation to bypass spam filters by
spreading our footprint out as much as possible and spam a few million
people into the ground because we've ruined the reputation of every
other IP address we've ever used.

May we destroy your reputation?"

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