Comcast cable modem software update push

Mike. the.lists at
Mon Jul 23 13:05:54 UTC 2012

On 7/22/2012 at 11:56 AM Dave Sotnick wrote:

|Dear Nanog Users,
|I have recently been plagued by intermittent lockups on my Motorola
|BitSurfer 6121 cable modem, which I purchased based on Comcast's lists
|of recommended devices, and having good experience with Motorola
|products in the past. There's a good discussion on this topic here:
|My technical question for the group is: When I finally talk to Comcast
|Tier 2 this week, what do I need to tell them to convince them that
|pushing out an update to SB6121 modems is a good idea? They seem
|convinced the onus is on Motorola to provide updates. This is not how
|DOCSIS 3.0 works!
|FWIW, the installed OS is dated Aug 12 2010. The most recent I
|have heard of is Apparently this fixes the lockups.
|Any tips greatly appreciated.


Some more info here:


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