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Fri Jul 13 07:35:53 UTC 2012

On 7/10/2012 5:04 AM, Joseph M. Owino wrote:
> hi,
> Anyone out there who can help in setting up iBGP looking glass for an IXP. We currently are running 2 route servers and and 2 switches, they all are Cisco equipment. We also have a working web server running on FreeBSD 8.0. Any help is  highly appreciated.
> regards,
> Muga

Happy to help you if you get stuck.    The work flow looks very similar
to what
is in BGPlay, so once you have the MRT file that contains desired data, you
are most of the way there.

I suspect the issue you will hit is that you already have existing route
and when you specify the route servers as the source
route-reflector-clients, then you will
see the route servers as the "routers" in your views rather than your
peer routers.

If on the other hand you have control over your peer routers, and you
can reflect directly to the
iBGPlay routerserver, that appears to be the model they show in their
setup documents.

John Kemp (kemp at

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