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can some op filter this asshole?

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“Come on! It’s time to play with the Wii!” Kimber dragged Chris to the
middle balance board. “Let’s do snowboarding first. That’s fun.” She
let everyone get in position, and started the snowboarding game. At
first, Chris felt a little clumsy. His massive, stuffed balls weighed
heavily on his legs, and his thick, semi-erect dick, straining against
his pants, made it feel like they were going to pull down at any

As Tasha and Kimber snickered at his poor performance, Chris felt
himself getting annoyed. I’ve never done this with a monster cock
between my legs! It’s throwing me off balance! Chris sighed audibly
and settled his feet as far apart as possible on the balance board.
His mammoth nutsack swung heavily between his legs. It pulled the
stretchy pants even lower on his body, exposing the base of his broad
prick. Chris felt a bit self-conscious about that, but it felt so good
to let his gargantuan ballsack brush against the fabric of his pants
and against the sides of his thighs. He soon noticed another benefit.
With both his colossal rod and his fat nuts between his legs, his
center of gravity had shifted downward considerably. Once he relaxed
and allowed his gargantuan manhood to sway freely, its huge weight
counteracted his upper body motions, acting like some genital
gyroscope. In no time, Chris was ’snowboarding’ much better than he
had ever done
 before, surpassing both Tasha and Kimber. As an added bonus, the
swaying, sliding sensation felt fantastic.

“Wow, Chris! You’re really coming from behind!” cheered Kimber, who,
facing in the same direction as Chris, and positioned in front of him
in the row, did not see his technique.

“I’m about to cum just from the view from behind,” drooled Tasha,
ogling Chris’s butt and the mammoth, swinging bulge between his legs.
“I think he’s a natural.”

After a few minutes more of snowboarding, Kimber announced, “Okay,
that was a good warm up. Let’s get our hearts pumping.” She stopped
the game and stepped off her board, then bent down and turned it
parallel to the tv. Tasha followed suit and Chris complied clumsily,
finding it difficult to bend over with a semi-hard boner between him
and the board. Once the boards were positioned, Kimber launched a step
aerobics routine, and Chris groaned immediately. The huge girth of his
balls forced his thighs apart into a bowlegged stance, and the heft of
his twenty pound nutsack and thick, fat prick was a burden to swing up
with each step. While each of the girls fairly bounced up and down the
board, Chris was laboriously heaving himself up and down, feeling like
he had a thirty pound sack of potatoes between his legs. Ugh. Whew!
I’m not sure how long I can do this. After a few quick, clumsy steps
up and down, Chris stepped back off the board.

“I’m not sure I’m quite built for this one, Kimber,” he said apologetically.

“Oh, Chris” she said while bouncing up and down the step, “that’s
okay. Sit this one out. You can jump back in whenever you want.” Chris
waddled around the coffee table and sat down on the couch, spreading
his legs wide to give his bloated balls plenty of room. He sighed with
relief as the cushions absorbed the weight of his oversized genitals.
Chris adjusted himself with both hands and settled down to watch the
two girls bounce up and down on the step. This is the kind of workout
I can handle! Just get Jen in there too, and my heart rate will be
plenty high.

Tasha and Kimber continued their step routine for several more
minutes, until Tasha gasped, “That’s it! I’m picking the next one,”
and stepped off the board with slightly wobbly legs. She gave a quick
glance back at Chris on the couch, his fat, semi-hard salami bulging
visibly through his stretchy pants. “I think this one is more our
speed.” She launched a hula hoop routine, and Chris was transfixed as
both girls began gyrating their hips and butts.

“Ooooh! This one is fun!” squealed Kimber. Fun? This one is freaking
amazing!, thought Chris. He could feel his cock immediately start to
swell and thicken again. Kimber’s firm bubble butt looked incredible
in the tight pink shorts she had on, and it bounced tantalizingly as
she swiveled around. Tasha’s posterior wasn’t quite as curvy, though
it was still nice, but her silky, high-cut shorts gave Chris a better
view of her creamy white hips. Nnnnngh! Gotta get some of that.
Chris’s thick prick began to creep even farther down the leg of his
pants, easily surpassing the twenty six inch point. His girth
continued to swell, stretching the leg of the pants entirely out of
proportion. I’ll just slip out of these and I can have Kimber and
Tasha right here on the couch. I wonder if I should do Kimber first,
or Tasha? I bet Tasha will want to watch me with Kimber. Ohhh, but
maybe Kimber will let me kiss her boobs while Tasha swallows first. I
 wonder if either of them has enough room for a second helping?

Suddenly, Chris realized what he was doing. His mammoth schlong had
almost reached his ankle in the sweats, and was easily over a foot
around. It looked like he had two legs in one leg of the pants. His
massive dick was throbbing urgently, and continued to surge and grow.
I told Jen that I would control myself until she got back, and I’m
already working out seconds with these two. I can’t do that! Jen would
freak out! He stroked the side of his ballooning cock wistfully. What
am I gonna do? I can’t resist this for six more hours. I gotta get
off! He stroked his huge anaconda with both hands, a bit more
vigorously. I gotta satisfy my cock. It has to get off soon! Chris’s
eyes went back to the two mouthwatering asses shimmying in front of
him. Oh, god. I need them soooooo bad. Jen would kill me, but I need
some sex sooooon!

Shawn Wilson

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