LEVEL3, FLAG, NTT peering policies

Luqman Kondeth luqman.kondeth at nyu.edu
Wed Jul 11 12:47:55 UTC 2012

HI All,

Apologies if this has been asked before, I was hoping to get a quick answer
to rescue a situation J.

We are advertising our prefixes to an ISP in the region who has level3, ntt
& flag telecom as its upstream providers. I wanted to know if ntt & flag
telecom have any BGP filtering policy based on  AS or  IP prefixes?

I know level3 has such policies which are downloaded from the RIPE DB
according to their published peering policy document.

I’ve read through the peering policies of NTT & FLAG (
http://www.us.ntt.net/support/policy/routing.cfm ,
http://www.onesc.net/communities/as15412/ ) and donot see anything which
would suggest they use the ripe db or any other db for filtering based on
 AS or  IP prefixes. Infact, it doesn’t seem they have an inbound filter
policy on IP prefixes or  AS

Could someone please confirm?

Many thanks

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