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Jérôme Nicolle jerome at
Wed Jul 11 08:37:02 UTC 2012

Le 26/06/2012 19:30, Randy Bush a écrit :
> my old TymServe 2100-GPS seems to have died.  would appreciate reccos
> for a replacement.  it is in a stand-alone environment so i can avoid
> roof access issues.  antenna already in place.  thanks.
> randy
If you're looking for somthing fancy, you may want to check out

Multiple sync source (GPS, Glonass, Gallileo, GSM, input for rubidium or
cesium clocks, 1PPS straight input for analog radio sync), compact form
factor, dual (up to 6) LAN port for redundancy... This device does it all :)

several models and options are available, ranging from $3k to $8k AFAIK.

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