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> On Sat, Jul 07, 2012 at 11:01:29AM -0700, JC Dill wrote:
>> On 06/07/12 9:06 PM, Matthew Palmer wrote:
>>>> Maybe it's more significant to ask what the difference between TCP and UDP is.
>>> Yes, the difference between TCP and UDP is a much better question to ask,
>>> but having HR assess and act on the answer to the question is a whole hell
>>> of a lot harder.
>> The best path is to have HR report the answer verbatim for the
>> hiring manager to do the assessing.  Then the hiring manager can
>> decide which candidates proceed to the next level of interviews.
> Two problems there:
> * We've already had mention made in this thread of the problems associated
>  with HR attempting to record, verbatim, an answer provided by a candidate. 
>  Unless all your HR phone screeners are experienced stenographers (who, I
>  will note, can typically command salaries far in excess of HR associates),
>  their chances of getting an accurate record of a candidate's statements is
>  slim.
> * If you're going to have to carefully examine each candidate's answers
>  *anyway*, why not just get on the phone screen with them in the first
>  place, and get HR out of the picture?  At least that way you're not
>  wasting money paying for HR people, and you can do a far more in-depth
>  interview because you're there, in real-time, to ask follow-up questions.
> - Matt

Yeah.  We tried "write down verbatim" - epic fail.

This was why we spent man-months of top level consultant time coming up with ( and fixing and evolving ) lists of twentyish questions per discipline with only one right answer and an answer the recruiter could tell was right or not.

It's not easy.  If you screen a thousand plus people a year it's a super win.  If you screen ten or twenty you may just want your techie interviewer to do the short screen rather than figure out how the recruiter can.

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