Common operational misconceptions

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Thu Feb 16 03:12:07 UTC 2012

In message <4F3C6703.4050607 at>, Steve Bertrand writes:
> On 2012.02.15 19:55, Nathan Eisenberg wrote:
> >> IPv6 is operational.
> >
> > How is this a misconception?  It works fine for me...
> Imagine an operator who is v6 ignorant, with a home provider who 
> implements v6 half-assed, and tries to access a v6 site that has perhaps 
> v6-only accessible nameservers, when their provider who 'offers' v6 has 
> resolvers that operate only over v4.
> *huge* misconception about the operational status of IPv6 (imho).

This doesn't prove that IPv6 is not operational.  All it proves is
people can misconfigure things.  If you provide the recursive
nameservers with IPv6 access they will make queries over IPv6 even
if they only accept queries over IPv4.

If you want to know if your resolver talks IPv6 to the world and
supports 4096 EDNS UDP messages the following query will tell you.

		dig txt

Similarly for IPv4.

		dig txt

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