Fair Use Policy

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Thu Aug 23 14:40:59 UTC 2012

On 08/23/12 10:51 +0430, Shahab Vahabzadeh wrote:
>Thanks about every ones speech in this topic but I think I can not describe
>my problem clearly, let me explain it some how more:
>You know I have two kind of ADSL services, Limited and Unlimited.
>Limited Like:
>Unlimited Like:
>and etc. But when a customer is in our sales department they do not know he
>will download more or he will have a normal usage? Is he heavy peer-to-peer
>service downloader or not he is a doctor that he want to check his emails
>only, and he want this service always.

We focus on customer education and tools. A bandwidth calculator on your
website is recommended, both for your customers, and your sales department
(mycricket.com has a great example).

We also provide a way for customers to view their current usage for the
month, in near real-time. We've implemented a monthly bandwidth quota, and
have that discussion up front with new customers (and sent letters to
existing customers) so that they can choose the appropriate tiered service,
based on their expected usage patterns.

Dan White

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