Fair Use Policy

Eugeniu Patrascu eugen at imacandi.net
Thu Aug 23 08:13:16 UTC 2012

On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 9:21 AM, Shahab Vahabzadeh
<sh.vahabzadeh at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks about every ones speech in this topic but I think I can not describe
> my problem clearly, let me explain it some how more:
> You know I have two kind of ADSL services, Limited and Unlimited.
> Limited Like:
> 512Kb-4GB-3Month
> 1024Kb-4GB-3Month
> 2048Kb-6GB-3Month
> 4096Kb-8GB-3Month
> Unlimited Like:
> 128Kb-1Month
> 256Kb-1Month
> and etc. But when a customer is in our sales department they do not know he
> will download more or he will have a normal usage? Is he heavy peer-to-peer
> service downloader or not he is a doctor that he want to check his emails
> only, and he want this service always.
> Our problem cause midnights because in the middle of the night in 2:00 AM
> till 8:00 AM and at this time we do not have any traffic counting for users.
> Means they can download free at this time, and if we buy more bandwidth
> only for this time for users it will be unusable in other times like
> mornings.
> I want a logical way to solve this problem technically or sales techniques,
> We must control users usage and I can not do any thing to them they love
> free-times and they want to download, but they are going to make me ran out
> of bandwidth that time, so what about that doctor? and his emails?
> You know no manager will accept increasing bw only for nights :D

You can put the paying ones with a data cap in a guaranteed queue with
precedence, and leave the rest to download as much as possible in
another queue without any guarantees but with fair queuing enabled so
that everyone gets access more or less equally.
When your management or sales department chose the "all you can
download between 02:00-08:00" they should have thought about what
happens to the rest of the customers in this time interval. Or should
have brought you in to hear your technical point of view and the
possible problems this scheme may induce.

my 2 eurocents :)

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