Verizon's New Repair Method: Plastic Garbage Bags

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Wed Aug 22 18:22:23 UTC 2012

Most often it's about who you talk to.  We had a problem with a low
cable over a driveway that AT&T trouble desk did nothing about for a
long time.  Next time we called the phone number that appears on some of
their pedestals and turns out to be some kind of outside plant oriented
help desk and they had someone on site in about an hour.  Another tactic
is sometimes to intercept a local tech in the area and tell them about


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> The garbage bags have been on that pole for at least 6+ months.
> What will end up happening is what happens every time something like 
> this happens.  We call in trouble tickets for months until we can get 
> the issue labeled chronic, then we get a "Class 1 inspection", then
> they fix it.   One issue is that to get it labeled chronic there needs
> to be three tickets opened within a month.  VZ's temp fix often works 
> long enough that we can't get enough tickets in within a month.

You don't have a hose?


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