Disappointing ARIN - A great advertisement for the USA ?

Always Learning nanog at u61.u22.net
Mon Sep 12 15:40:56 UTC 2011

Hallo North Americans,

I am from Europe. A contributor on the Centos (the largest Red Hat
clone) list suggested I reposted my ARIN item on your list.

I have a BASH script called .w
It contains

	#! /bin/bash
	whois $1
	host $1

When I type


I receive a normal and conventional display of data because that IP
address is not 'organised' by ARIN. When I type:-


I receive a one line summary of possible matches, which always
includes ARIN, but omits the details we used to receive before ARIN
implemented its much criticised "improved" service.

My second script .wa is more useful for North American IP enquiries:-

	#! /bin/bash
        whois -h whois.arin.net n + $1
	host $1

On some occasions I get a normal display of Northern American data. The
'n' and '+' are not part of WHOIS. They are ARIN's own parameters. This
example produces a 'near-as-possible-because-it-is-ARIN' display:-


However when ARIN automatically forwards the query to a North American
RWHOIS the query is apparently malformed and nothing useful is
displayed. For example:-


The Internet was created in North America. Many people around the world
would appreciate your help in getting ARIN to revert to normal WHOIS
displays. ARIN wants enquirers to click on web page after web page to
try and find the information previously displayed in a single response.
Frankly that weird attitude is stark raving bonkers!

With best regards,


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