Apple updates - Akamai effect

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at
Sun Oct 16 00:43:20 UTC 2011

On Oct 15, 2011, at 20:06, J <nanog at> wrote:
> Simon Leinen wrote:

>> Guess it was a good idea to upgrade that Akamai cluster's uplink to
>> 10GE, even though 2*GE (or was it 4*GE) looked sufficient at the time.
>> Remember folks, "overprovisioning" is a misnomer, it should be called
>> "provisioning for robustness and growth".
> If I may change the thrust a bit, this is of interest to me.
> Just because we're in the midst of similar - changing from 2xGE to 10GE and
> increasing the number of Akamai nodes.
> Anyone have similar stats on that sort of conversion, and what to expect?
> From what I can tell, there's a fair bit of local, off-net traffic coming to
> ours, so I'm curious what the turn-up may look like.

It sounds like you have what Akamai calls an "AANP" deployment.  In general, that should not serve users outside your network.  There are reasons it can, and you should talk to Akamai about it if you think it is.

If you have questions about an on-net node, feel free to email Akamai's Network Support group, NetSupport at  They are only M-F, but they can answer any questions you have.


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