Apple updates - Akamai effect

J nanog at
Sun Oct 16 00:06:12 UTC 2011

Simon Leinen wrote:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Guess it was a good idea to upgrade that Akamai cluster's uplink to
> 10GE, even though 2*GE (or was it 4*GE) looked sufficient at the time.
> Remember folks, "overprovisioning" is a misnomer, it should be called
> "provisioning for robustness and growth".

If I may change the thrust a bit, this is of interest to me.

Just because we're in the midst of similar - changing from 2xGE to 10GE and
increasing the number of Akamai nodes.

Anyone have similar stats on that sort of conversion, and what to expect?
>From what I can tell, there's a fair bit of local, off-net traffic coming to
ours, so I'm curious what the turn-up may look like.

This may be just idle curiosity, but what the hey.

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