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Wed Nov 2 18:50:59 CDT 2011

sorry, my english not so perfect, at no time I mean send to IX what Verizon
send me, I'm not THAT stupid hehe
I mean if destination/origin is via IX, then send THAT traffic only by IX
and not Verizon.

On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 1:54 AM, Holmes,David A <dholmes at> wrote:

> This is a perfect example of why it is crucial that inbound route filters
> be scrupulously maintained in upstream BGP providers. Who knows who is out
> there.
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> Google for "team cymru secure bgp template" for a good starting point.
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> Halo,
> First, I accept this might not really right list for request, have use nsp
> cisco list but only first post to was succeed, sent several other for past
> 4 day and none appear (verified by list archive) so please excuse request.
> I am in need of a cisco config for BGP setup, we have a require to include
> IX peering at new location as well as our Verizon link, we like to take
> full bgp from Verizon and send to IX what they send us, I spend days
> reading google, and so many conflict web site example, so many example seem
> insecure no prefix list so on. end result to date is only sore eyes, would
> someone who do same (not need be Verizon) be kind to send us off list
> working running config (yes without your password heh) or at least how to
> apply to BGP router including access/prefix list and interfaces so we have
> an idea on what do, if you take two full BGP feed from two transit
> carrierin load share and IX, that good, because that our stage three plan,
> but I can work without two transit.
> I am not ignorant with cisco 7201, but am total newby to BGP.
> Best Thanks
> Edwardo
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