Yahoo and IPv6

Robert Bonomi bonomi at
Sat May 14 21:38:51 UTC 2011

> From: Paul Vixie <vixie at>
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> Subject: Re: Yahoo and IPv6
> Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 17:06:45 +0000
> > From: Marshall Eubanks <tme at>
> > Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 13:02:16 -0400
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> > I think that the real question is, when will people who are running
> > IPv4 only not be on the Internet by this definition ?
> is there an online betting mechanism we could use, that we all think will
> still be in business decades from now when the truth is known?  if we're
> going to start picking the month and year when IPv4 is the new "PDP-11
> compatibility mode" (that's a VAX reference), where the winner is whoever
> comes closest without going over, my pick is July 2021, and i'm in for $50.

You could probably interest the University of Iowa College of Business in
it.  See: <>

The genesis of of this project was a 'futures' exchange on candidates for
the office of President of the United States.  It's had an amazing track-
record of identifying 'winners' there.

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