Apologies, NANOG

Jay Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Mon May 9 21:22:19 UTC 2011

> I appear to have somehow cross-posted a reply that was meant to go
> to a different list entirely; no clue how I did that.

Since people actually wanted to know, it was a reply to a "what might I
encounter when migrating from SCO Unix to CentOS thread", which (mirabile
visu) drifted somewhat in topic, on the mailing list for the filePro 4GL/
not-really-quite-a-DBMS (you may remember it as Profile, from the early
TRS-80 days.  Yes, it's still around, after 5 buyouts, the latest by its
employees, and yes, it's still recognizably the same package; there's a 
*scary* amount of legacy code written in it out there, largely due to
a Seattle company called Fourgen who wrote an entire accounting system in
it in the early 90s.  I know, cause I helped rewrite most of it.  Several
times.  :-)

It, in turn, spawned a C-language replacement menuing system called Menu
Master, which made up for a lot of shortcomings filePro eventually fixed on
its own... and we're *still* trying to find the source code for that, so we
can pay someone to recompile it for Linux.  iBCS never got ported to 2.6, and 
ABCI(?) never did work quite right with it.

-- jra

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