Yahoo and IPv6

Arie Vayner ariev at
Mon May 9 15:16:20 UTC 2011

Actually, I have just noticed a slightly more disturbing thing on the Yahoo
IPv6 help page...

I have IPv6 connectivity through a HE tunnel, and I can reach IPv6 services
(the only issue is that my ISP's DNS is not IPv6 enabled), but I tried to
run the "Start IPv6 Test" tool at and
it says:
"We detected an issue with your IPv6 configuration. On World IPv6 Day, you
will have issues reaching Yahoo!, as well as your other favorite web sites.
We recommend disabling
or seeking assistance in order to fix your system's IPv6 configuration
through your ISP or computer manufacturer."

What disturbs me is the piece saying "We recommend disabling
", with a very easy link...


On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 9:54 AM, Franck Martin <fmartin at> wrote:

> "Will IPv6 become a permanent change on June 8, 2011?
> No. World IPv6 day is a 24-hour trial period in which we will publish our
> content on both the IPv4 and IPv6 servers. Yahoo! is participating in order
> to help prepare our services (as well as your hardware) to help ensure a
> smooth transition for when the IPv4 addresses run out. "
> Huh… I thought IPv4 addresses had run out already….
> At IANA level and now for anyone in the AP region at least.

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