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Randy Carpenter rcarpen at network1.net
Thu May 5 18:19:00 UTC 2011

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> > If you have a need for a 4-post rack, do not accomplish that by
> > using 2 2-po=
> > st racks. You will likely find that rack rails that are designed
> > for a 4-pos=
> > t rack will not fit.
> Why?  With *any* rack, there are always scenarios where the rack
> rails for
> some random item don't end up fitting right.  That's certainly not a
> problem
> inherent to two 2-post racks.  You can find 2-post racks in any
> number of
> interesting and unusual post/flange configurations.  It's certainly
> true
> that picking any old random 2-post rack has certain hazards
> associated with
> it - the solution is don't pick "any old random" one, not "don't pick
> a
> 2-post rack."  But the look-before-buying rule applies to any rack
> you buy,
> doesn't it?

The major issue is that 2-post rack rails are generally U-shaped, and have tapped holes.

Server rack rails are L-shaped and generally have square holes.

The vast majority of mounting rails I have seen in server equipment, in the last few years especially, will not fit because of the extra inside rails. Been there, done that, had to buy a real 4-post rack.

Is it really a big deal to spend $500 for the proper rack?

I do agree that some 4-post racks tend to be flimsier than the 2-post racks, but when properly assembled, any decent brand should work fine. Just make sure to double check the weight capacities.


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