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Jameel Akari jakari at bithose.com
Wed May 4 14:58:33 UTC 2011

On Wed, 4 May 2011, Joe Greco wrote:

>> If you have a need for a 4-post rack, do not accomplish that by using 2 2-po=
>> st racks. You will likely find that rack rails that are designed for a 4-pos=
>> t rack will not fit.

Possibly, though you can usually order "universal" rails to fit 
tapped-hole racks.  It's a hassle, and usually an unaccounted expense. 
And IME these rails aren't nearly as nice on your hands and sanity as the 
snap-in rails most server mfrs ship standard.

>> Get an open-frame 4-post rack. It will come unassembled.

I'd suggest getting an actual cabinet that you can order unassembled. 
I'm thinking specifically of the excellent CPI Megaframe cabinets.  The 
only parts that don't knock down are the bases, tops, doors and sides - 
and you can carry those easily through the door.  The uprights and braces 
are extruded aluminum, and then your actual mounting rails (in square 
hole, round punched, tapped threads, or any combination) are steel, bolted 
inside of those.

When we closed one datacenter and found we had to scrap 40 of these things 
(!!!) I took apart four and they all fit inside my normal-sized car.  They 
were very easy to then carry down the winding narrow staircase to my 
basement. ;)

If you're very tight on space inside the room, you can get different door 
options, or just omit them entirely.  This changes your thermal and 
acoustical management, but I'm guessing you already have some challenges 
there, if your door is any indication.

These CPI cabinets are not cheap, but they are very nice, can be carried 
through tight/low doorways in lightweight sections, and have considerable 
load ratings.  2000 pounds I think.

All that said, I have removed and disassembled door frames, ceilings, 
walls, whatever to deal with whatever issues where we couldn't take racks 
apart or otherwise spend our way through it.  This doesn't work so well 
when you have concrete walls, welded doorframes, or unforgiving landlords. 

Jameel Akari

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