Google security

Christopher Wolff chris at
Sat Mar 26 23:55:07 CDT 2011

I have a client that acquired a domain name and affiliated company as a 
product of lengthy and extremely turbulent litigation.  The client 
believes (and I have found evidence to suggest) that the previous owner 
is somehow interfering or interacting with the new owner's Google 
Analytics/Webmaster Tools/Places/Adwords accounts.

Since I am representing the new owner, I am trying to find a forensics 
analyst or clueful contact at Google to act as an independent third 
party to 'certify' that in fact the previous owner is or is not 
interfering in the new owners Google Accounts.

I've followed the standard protocol, i.e., post your question in the 
Google forums and wait for a response.  To date the single response I've 
received is "change your password" which wasn't what I had in mind.  If 
that contact or independent third-party forensics expert exists, I'd 
greatly appreciate any advice you can provide.

Best regards,

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