Nortel, in bankruptcy, sells IPv4 address block for $7.5 million

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Mar 24 12:08:42 CDT 2011

>>> They can only get them _at all_ if they can document need.  All
>>> receipt of address space, whether from the free-pool or through a
>>> transfer, is needs-based.  Anything else would be removing a critical
>>> resource from use.
> Thank you Randy.  Give Canute a community-developed set of marching
> orders, and make the ocean a little more pliable and you might have 
> something there.

at some point, the arin policy wonk weenies will face reality.  or not.
it really makes little difference.  

i don't particularly like the reality either, but i find it easier and
more productive to align my actions and how i spend my time.  not a lot
of high paying jobs pushing water uphill.


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