Nortel, in bankruptcy, sells IPv4 address block for $7.5 million

Owen DeLong owen at
Fri Mar 25 14:05:22 CDT 2011

On Mar 24, 2011, at 10:08 AM, Randy Bush wrote:

>>>> They can only get them _at all_ if they can document need.  All
>>>> receipt of address space, whether from the free-pool or through a
>>>> transfer, is needs-based.  Anything else would be removing a critical
>>>> resource from use.
>> Thank you Randy.  Give Canute a community-developed set of marching
>> orders, and make the ocean a little more pliable and you might have 
>> something there.
> at some point, the arin policy wonk weenies will face reality.  or not.
> it really makes little difference.  
> i don't particularly like the reality either, but i find it easier and
> more productive to align my actions and how i spend my time.  not a lot
> of high paying jobs pushing water uphill.
> randy

At some point we will see which reality actually pans out. Both the perspective
of we "ARIN Policy wonk weenies" as Randy so kindly calls us, and, Randy's
perspective are speculations about future events. I think both are probably equally
based in reality based on different sets of experiences.

Since my reality has the potential to preserve many good aspects of the internet,
I hope it turns out that Randy is the one who is wrong.


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